Nate’s Notes: “Good Luck Getting All Your Sh** Done, Because I’m Not Taking Naps Anymore!”

September 3, 2012

Have you ever heard the expression, “Good luck getting all your sh** done because I’m not taking naps anymore!”?  No?  Well, let me back up a few thoughts…

One of the best things about the work my mom does is that I get to hang out with her all day long!  That’s right, she’s home; and when she’s not, we’re out on field adventures together getting a gazillion photos.   I put a lot of effort into planning our days…the swing, books, puffs, throwing balls, piano, puffs, walks, dancing, books, puffs, chase, etc.   Honestly, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like she appreciates my effort.  She tells me I should rest a while, take a nap so she can get some things done on HER list.  HER list?  I should be HER list!  Selfish much?  Geez.  Does she really need all that time to take photographs, upload them from the little thingamajigs she puts in the camera (if I EVER get my hands on one of those!), sort and tag the images (what happened to tag with me?), chart and write too?  Ummm…no.  She even acts like she has fun doing it!!  So, I came up with this little idea.  My solution:  give up the naps.  That way she can spend all day long with me doing the things I have planned!  Brilliant, right?!  I don’t see a problem with that. You’re welcome mom.  *Yawn*

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