Nate’s Notes: An Open Letter to THOSE People

*EDITOR’S NOTE:  For those of you who don’t know, this little blogger says that volcanoes interrupt, but he means that they erupt.* 

 Dear Annoying People,

 You know who you are.  Don’t look around the room at others.  Toys are best in a row.  Line them up.  Sort them.  Group them.  And then DON’T mix them up.

Seems pretty easy right?  Well then why do you mix things up??  Why do you UNGROUP them, and move them out of the line???  Yea- YOU.   You come into MY bubble and move MY cars, or put Legos in different spots, or read books in a different order than the pile I made.   You move MY crayons and pens into different heaps. You move MY plates and cups and spoons.  Do you WANT to see my volcano interrupt? 

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And when we are out taking pictures, Momma bops from thing to thing.  Why can’t she take a picture of the bench, next to the trash can, next to the grass, next to the tree, next to the cracked sidewalk??  Nope.  She does it OUT OF ORDER.  Makes me all itchy and…upset. 

Also, colors should not be mixed.  Yea, yea.  I know about new colors we can make.  I was there for that preschool lesson, and Momma goes on and on…and on about colors we can make.  But why do we HAVE to???  My crayons don’t mix and I have all the colors I need.  It makes me nervous.  Please keep it to yourself, in YOUR bubble, if you are going to mix colors. 

PE_20160329094248Speaking of volcanoes interrupting, let me finish my words.  I know I get stuck a lot, and sometimes I need to repeat words so I feel less nervous.   I have a lot to share, stories to tell you, things to say.  But every time you don’t let me finish my words, I have to start over again.  I get mixed up. And my volcano rumbles. 

So, back to this mixing thing- mixing toys together, colors together…what’s next, food????  Oh wait, YOU people do that too!!!  ACK!!!!   I can remember the first time I saw someone not only let food touch, but then mix it together.  On purpose.  NOT on accident.  NOT. ON. ACCIDENT.  I watched it happen…as corn touched coleslaw, as ketchup mixed with mustard, as bread was smeared through soup.  I almost lost it.  Came darn tootin’ close.  I don’t just mean my volcano interrupting.  I mean I almost lost my food.  The food I ate already.  PE_20160320154702   


Shudder again.

You annoy me.  

 Love, Nate

(Still shuddering.)

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