Nate’s Notes: Cameras Wear Glasses?

Remember the story about the little machines in my eyes that don’t work right? The ones that see colors? Well, my eyes don’t see around me very well either. Not without help anyway. I did not know a thing about this. Momma wears glasses, and other big people I know do too, but I thought it was like wearing socks or something. Just keeping your eyes warm!

Daddy and Momma decided to take me to a doctor of eyes. Or…maybe that is a doctor FOR eyes. Hmmm. So I went. He asked me a lot of questions, shined bright lights in my eyes, told me to look at pictures, and put scary drops in my eyes. This was not easy. This was not fun. I wanted to run. But Momma was there telling me I was safe. After it was all done, I had glasses!!

cameras wear glassesI asked why. Momma said it was like her camera lenses. Sometimes she puts a special lens on her camera so she can see things far away. And sometimes she uses a special lens to see things really really close.   So my glasses are like those lenses I guess…different lenses than my eyes. The glasses help me see far away and close.  

Wait…so cameras wear glasses?

Everything was different when I put them on!!   I guess things were fuzzy before, but not now.   When I put them on for the first time, I saw each leaf on the trees! I saw ants on the ground. I could find letters that I’m learning on signs outside. I could even see the moon in the sky!!!

I noticed more and more.   I watched more. I looked more. It was like the time my car seat got turned around to face forward!! A whole new world…through a different lens!

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