NATE’S NOTES: Painted Skies and Stupid Phones (Even though I’m not ‘sposed to say that word.)

If you ask me, most of you big people have a phone in front of your faces all day long. And you miss a lot of life. You miss a lot of my life. And you wonder why we have to get so loud or do the things we do to get your attention. I even see medium people doing this, probably even more than big people. (Just so you know, medium is in between small and big.)   I think it is stupid. Even though I am not ‘sposed to say that word.

So here is a story…

Right before the sun goes to bed, it makes everything glow and paints the sky.   It is beautiful. It is lovely. Yep. I am a boy. I am 4 years old. But I can still say that it is beautiful and lovely… and I do. It is the kind of pretty that makes you forget about anything that made you sad or mad. It is the kind of pretty that makes you stop what you are doing and watch. And look. And smile. And…of course it is the kind of pretty that makes Momma ALMOST push us out of the way so she can take a picture. “ALMOST”. Blink. Blink. (Still can’t wink.)

All kinds of pretty.

All kinds of pretty.

One night we were at a park and another big person was talking to Momma. I noticed the sky changing- glowing, so I knew SHE had too. I watched her. I watched the sky. I watched her flick on the camera and push buttons while the person talked to her. Then, in the middle of the other big person’s story, Momma mumbled something and walked away to start taking pictures of the painted sky. REALLY??!!!   Awkward much??!!!  

All I could do was walk over to Momma and hope no one had noticed. Why does she do this to me???

On the drive home, the sky kept changing, a different kind of pretty each time. Most nights the sky is amazing but tonight it seemed extra special. People were on the side of the road, out of their cars, watching this painted sky. Beautiful. You had to smile. Everyone was smiling. Taking pictures. At least SOME people were, NOT everyone. There were medium sized people with their big people who were looking DOWN, not UP.   Didn’t they know where the pretty was?? The sky was painted for them, and they were missing it!!!   Even the big people were looking down and not up.

What was DOWN that was so cool…cool enough to miss what was UP????   Then I looked…and saw. Phones. Phones. PHONES. Oh. Those. Sigh. Head shake. Sigh.

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