Nate’s Notes: Use Your Imagination

Momma says that imagination is somewhere between your heart and your brain. Umm…I’m not sure she REALLY knows what she is talking about, because wouldn’t that just be our throat…or something??? Anyway, I guess some people have big imaginations, and some people have small ones, or no imagination. Momma and Daddy say that my imagination is their favorite part of me, and they hope I never lose it. Wait, wait, WAIT!!! So now I have to worry about it going away?? (Nervously touching my throat area.)  

So, about this imagination…it helps you draw big pictures, hear music everywhere, tell great stories, play fun superhero games and find cool things around us.

Cloudy_Skies_Only_0741Like the other day, there were huge, puffy, squishy clouds in the sky. Momma got really excited and told us to look at the puppy holding balloons in the sky. Her smile was so big and she bounced a little as she pointed up at the clouds. Anyone knows that what Momma THOUGHT she saw- a puppy holding balloons in the sky- was just plain silly.   I mean…seriously. Puppies can’t hold balloons. They don’t have thumbs. Sheesh.

But, because I love her, and that goofy grin pulled on my heart a little, I looked anyway. “Hurry, hurry- look at those clouds up there! Right there!!” She pointed just above the trees.

And there it was. A puppy holding balloons. I rubbed my eyes. Yep. Still there. In the clouds. No way!! Now I had the same goofy grin and looked at Momma. “You see it don’t you Nate,” she said smiling. “See, you used your imagination!”

Lyla kept looking around, even started looking under the bushes and calling, “Here puppy!!” I gave her a hug. I guess she doesn’t have a big imagination. Not yet. But I will help her.

I can share mine with her.

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