Nate’s Notes: Pushing Buttons

Momma and Daddy always look tired. But lately they have looked even MORE tired…some good color going on under their eyes, hair a little messy, mouths yawning. It isn’t pretty.   I should actually be taking pictures of them to use later.

When I hear them say it has been rough, it kind of confuses me. Tree bark is rough, sandpaper is rough, rocks are rough, cement is rough, but how can a day be rough? What do they mean?

N_Buttons-Snaps_0017Days and days ago, Momma got out buttons for art pictures. We also got to play with the buttons and glue them to paper.   It was super fun! I also know that Gram Spam sews buttons, that buttons on some toys make noises, that buttons in the car make the windows open, and that some buttons SHOULD NOT be touched….like the buttons on Momma’s cameras.  

I feel confused though again, because sometimes Momma and Daddy BOTH say that I push THEIR buttons. What buttons?   Their belly buttons? Their shirt buttons?? WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT????!!!   They only say this when they have an angry face or angry eyes. Sometimes they have a sad AND angry face when they say this. We call this SAD-MAD. So if I push their buttons and it is such a big deal, maybe they should stop telling me that and start telling me WHAT BUTTONS!  WHAT BUTTONS ARE BEING PUSHED???   No one ever talks about WHAT these buttons are or WHERE they are or WHY they are buttons.  Seems kind of important to me. 

But I’m only 4.

SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME OUT so we can all forget about these buttons and all this silliness, get some sleep, stop being SAD-MAD and get back to what I want to talk about.  


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