Nate’s Notes: Field Adventure Request- My Choice

We all agree that I have been said field adventures are fun. Remember, field adventures are little (or bigger) trips we take to so many places for Momma and Daddy (traitor) to take pictures for the pooter stuff. I get to see a lot of things, and most of it is fun, even cool. Lyla and I even have a fun game. Right when we get there, get out from being trapped in the car, we run in different directions…and get to see Momma and Daddy chase us, gasping. We’ve got it down. **Snicker**

Anyway, I heard Momma say it was time for another adventure so she can get images. Sometimes she picks the place, sometimes Daddy does, and sometimes Lyla and I get to pick. Don’t be fooled…WE don’t get to pick that often, despite what Momma says. Parenting fail if you ask me.

Is this a sleeping volcano? I saw it in Alaska!!

Is this a sleeping volcano? I saw it in Alaska!!

Back to me. So I’ve been studying volcanoes. Calm down. Three year olds can totally study things. We know more than you think.  Anyway, I learned about volcanoes rumbling and spitting and blowing up!! I learned that fire stuff comes out of volcanoes! I learned this white stuff that comes from volcano rocks can go in dirt with our plants! Papa taught me that. He knows a lot of stuff. AND he showed me volcanoes on his pooter. I got to see a volcano interrupt!!! Did you know volcanoes interrupt??!!! Momma says I interrupt a lot. Hmm…well…

So my choice for a field adventure is….can you guess???

Yep! A toy store!!!

Just kidding. Well, that would be okay also.

Silly you. I meant a volcano!!


*Note- Nate’s interrupting volcano is an ERRUPTING volcano.

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