Nate’s Notes: Life Lesson #6 ½ – Something About Books, Covers and Judgy Judgerson

I am gonna take a quick break from textures and pictures to share a lesson I had to teach Momma. I mean, really, who is in charge here??!!   I’m always hearing big people say strange sentences that sound like one thing, but mean something else, like “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But I love the pictures on my book fronts! They are cool and exciting, and then I want to read the book! **Head shake**

PE_20150108232904 (2)A lot of days ago, Momma went through my shelves and pulled some books. I watched her, slightly horrified, afraid to ask. Maybe she just wanted to read! Maybe we were gonna read together! When they went into a box, my lips started shaking. This was making me sick. I quietly asked her, “They don’t have good fwonts Momma?” She stared at me, then the box, then me, and smiled. Smiled?!!   This was NO TIME for smiling. After some whining noises, “no’s,” head shakes, “there there’s”, and snot wiped on sleeves, she explained that we weren’t getting rid of them. Because of what I asked about the fronts of books, she also tried to explain “judging a book by its cover.” And failed. She lost me somewhere. What I DID get out of the speech was that just because something looks one way, doesn’t mean it is that way. It can be different. I think. **Head shake** Momma told me it was like how a pineapple is spiky and rough, but when you cut it open, it is super yummy and sweet.  

I tucked this away in my head.

One day after a Dr. Seuss day at preschool, I told Momma that we made green eggs and ham…and ATE THEM!!!   She crinkled her nose, made a funny sound, big eyes, and said, “YUCK! Green eggs and ham??!!!! What did those green eggs taste like???”   I rolled my eyes at her. Here comes that lesson… “Momma, they taste good! Just because they awe gween, doesn’t mean they wewe ick!   Gween eggs awe just eggs. They awe gween, but they taste like wegulaw scwambled eggs!”  

See. Eggs. Books. Colors. Covers. Judgy Judgerson. No no.

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