Nate’s Notes- Look At That Canopy!

One of the days from before today, Momma, Daddy, Lyla and I went on a field adventure. I really do love field adventures, even if it is for picture taking. We get to have fun too, and see new things. We went to this place with lots of trees. So many trees. And they were the tallest tall trees! There were so many that it was kind of dark around us, even though the sun was awake.

Before we left in the car, Momma showed me pictures of where we were going. When I saw all the trees, so many, so tall, I said, “Wow- look at that canopy Momma!”   It isn’t often that Momma doesn’t have something to say…but this time was one where she opened her mouth, closed it, opened it again, closed it, and then finally said, “Um, yes Nate, that IS a canopy of trees. Wow. Do you know what a canopy is?”

For toys’ sake!!! Uuuhhhh. Duh. Did I not JUST SHOW HER what it was? I swear, sometimes I wonder about these people.   They ask silly questions all the time. All. The. Time. Like here…I clearly told her what a canopy is. Yet she asks. Or, they constantly ask us where our eyes, ears, nose, shoulders, elbows, and knees are. If it is body part, they seem confused about where it is.


Armstrong Redwoods_0083 Armstrong Redwoods_0099 Armstrong Redwoods_0173So, I repeated while pointing to the picture, “Yes. THAT is a canopy.” And then because she still didn’t seem to get it, I broke it down. “It’s like an umbwella made of twees Momma.” I even talked slower when saying this to let it sink it. When she smiled a goofy smile, I knew I would just have to show her when we went.  Head shaking, I climbed into my seat in the car.

I thought about this canopy and the tall tall trees the whole way in the car. And when we got there, it was even better than the pictures in my head. There were even trees we could stand inside!! I know. Mind = Kapow!!! There were bridges, and baby rivers and birds. And…and…and…so much!!!   I can’t remember the place name, but the trees are called a color of wood because of their skin. It’s like…hmmm…umm…red…brown…no…red…tree…wood…tree…no…REDWOOD!!!!

Gotta go, Momma is asking Lyla where her eyes are. Better help on this one. Sheesh.

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