Nate’s Notes- Wai…Wai…Wai…Wait!!

I really like cars. No no. I love cars. LOVE them. I love them little. I love them big. I love them racing. I love them working. I love them fast. I love them slow. I love EVERY thing about them. I have so many. So so many. Sometimes I take them to bed and find them under my pillow. Sometimes I forget to put them ALL away and Momma or Daddy step on one, or two, or many…or sit on them on the couch. I get cars for pooping. I get cars for filling up my chart. I get cars for doing my chores all week.

Cars. Cars. Cars.

I can’t imagine a life without cars. And I can imagine A LOT!!!

So, imagine my surprise when we went on a field adventure a little bit ago, and Momma showed me someplace called a Pony stop…no… an Expires stop…no…a Pony Express Stop!! Get this…cars didn’t USED to be here. Like…there were no cars. Wai…wai…wai…wait!!! NO CARS???? Mind = blown. People used to ride around on horses to take notes and mail and stuff to other people! Whaaat?! Why??!!!

IMG_0166 IMG_0170










I guess it is true because there was a building and stuff and a bunch of words on a sign that say so.

I have to think about this for awhile. No cars…pfff. Horses!?

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