Nate’s Notes: My First Plane Ride

Momma says it is important to finish what we start…so I should finish telling about our Alaska Adventure. Maybe I don’t want to? I mean, after all, I am 3, and one of the biggest rules of 3-dom is not wanting to do what people tell you to do. Or maybe it is bigger than that? Maybe if I finish telling you about Alaska, it will be over and I will feel sad? I’m not sure…it is all kind of mixed up inside me.

Here goes…

It was time to say goodbye to Alaska. All week I had watched planes land on water, so I figured we were getting in those small ones. My tummy felt a little jumpy. We got to the huge building and past all the serious people who looked at us, in our bags, checked Lyla’s milk, made Daddy take off his belt and waved a magic wand all over Momma. Strange. Then I saw them…through the big windows…planes. Not just a couple. So many. So many big planes. I was so excited that I yelled, jumped and drooled a little. What?! Like YOU’VE NEVER drooled??

We were going to fly in the clouds in one of those big planes!!! Ooo! Ooo! Oooo!!!! Momma and Daddy didn’t talk much while we waited, and I heard Momma tell some lady that this was the first flight for both me and Lyla. The lady laughed, got big eyes, looked at me jumping up and down and Lyla squealing while hitting herself with her bottle, and said, “Good Luck! Looks like you’ll need it!!”   I did NOT like her tone.

Vancouver and vancouver airport (20)

I was sooooo excited I didn’t think I could wait any longer. Just then, a lady told us we got to go to the plane. We walked/ran down a big hallway, over a bridge you could see through, and onto the plane. Holy bananas and bird poop this was so cool!!!

Once we sat, Momma got out some snacks, her bag of tricks (So cute how she thinks that will work with two toddlers. She has sooooo much to learn…), and took a deep breath. I got to sit by the window, right over the big airplane wing!

Momma sat by me, holding Lyla, and Daddy sat on the outside. It was like a seat fort! On a plane!! I was ready! I couldn’t wait to see out the window as we flew higher and higher and higher into the clouds!!! Neeeeeerm. Zoom. Woosh!!

The plane started. I smiled big. It was happening! I was going to fly!!! I closed my eyes. Felt us moving. And… fell asleep.

I basically missed the whole plane ride. Because I slept.

Yea. True story.

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