Nate’s Notes: I Am NOT Sharing These Legos

Awhile ago I wrote about “Sharing is Caring”. Really? It is? There are big people in my life that like to say this. Actually, big people who don’t even know me, like at the playground or market, like to say it too. Have you ever heard something so silly?!   I hear it often…as if you can reason with my two-year old brain.   I heard it just the other day, about 11teen hundred 67 times when Lyla tried to play with my Legos. MY Legos.

WP_20140522_003Here’s the thing about Legos. They. Are. AWESOME!!! You can build something different every day with Legos. They have great colors. There are big ones, mostly for babies, and smaller, “regular” ones. Actually these smaller ones we call “Uncle Tim Legos”. My Uncle Tim and Legos go way back. He is kind of a super hero with them. And these Legos were FROM HIM. FOR ME. He gave them to me, NOT Lyla. I am the one who broke my collar bone, NOT Lyla. I am the one the doctor called a SUPER HERO, NOT Lyla.

Seems like I should get to play with them and only me.  And besides, big people don’t share everything.   They certainly don’t share much with me. I watch. I listen. I know.

So back to these Legos. I don’t plan to share anytime soon. In fact, I’m bringing some on the BIG boat and adventure we take in a couple days!!! Uncle Tim is going too. Only Uncle Tim gets to play Legos with me. NOT Lyla.

That’s all.

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