Nate’s Notes: Cars, Trains, Buses, Boats and Planes- OH MY!!!!

11teen more days. 11teen. It feels like so much, and not so much. I try to count out 11teen cars and books and planes, just to see how much that is, but Lyla keeps interrupting me. Little sisters…pfff. Just 11teen days separate me from my BIG adventure. Momma says this isn’t just any adventure. She tells me we are going to the land of BIG things. BIG mountains, BIG wild spaces, BIG bears, BIG ice cube thingies, BIG days (Momma says the sun goes to bed for only a couple hours), and BIG fun.

Even better, we get to go on a BIG boat- or ship – as part of our trip! Even better than that, I get to do all this with a lot of my BIG people!! I get to go with Papa, Gram Spam, Momma, Daddy, Lyla (eye roll), Auntie Kate (I can’t wait to read with her), Uncle Tim (maybe he will play Legos with me), Auntie Christine (she makes me smile and gives the best hugs), cousin MoMo (Dance party!!!), and cousin Brooke (she’s fun, has my birthday, and has the best smile).

First we have to go by car from our house all the way up to Canada. Still not sure how I feel about road trips and being strapped in the car for such a long time, but Momma and Daddy both make it fun. I always get to see new things. And guess what…take MORE pictures along the way (eye roll). Then we get on the BIG boat with everyone else. I’m pretty sure my brain will explode if I try to think about all we will see on the boat, from the boat, and when we get off the boat. Momma has been telling me stories and showing me pictures, but c’mon…I’m two. I can handle only so much.

After the BIG boat, we get to go on a train to the BIG mountain that starts with a “D”, like “Daddy”. A train!!!!! After the train, a bus will take us all around that BIG mountain where we might see BIG bears, BIG cats, BIG goats, BIG flowers (eye roll), and BIG trees. Just think of all the pictures!!!! Wait…did I just say that??!! (eye roll).

After the trip to the BIG mountain we get to take another bus and have more adventures before we get on a plane to start home!! My very first plane trip!! Momma and Daddy look scared when we talk about the plane ride with me and Lyla…but I will keep them safe and sound. A plane with me in it!!! In the sky!!! Brain…exploding.

I’m so excited I could pee my pants!!! Don’t judge.

11teen more days. Then it’s time for my BIG adventure with my family, full of BIG fun and lots of love. I’ll be sure to take pictures and share with everyone! Yes, I said that. There must be something about cars, trains, buses, boats and planes that makes me not care about the cameras and pictures!! I am one happy boy.

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