Nate’s Notes: Teaching The Next Generation

Ever since I fell and broke myself, I’ve had a lot of time to think. My big people don’t let me do too much stuff. So, with all this “rest” time, I think…and I scheme. No, just kidding!! I don’t really scheme, I’m two!

Back to the scheming, I mean thinking…So yea, as I get older, I find I do a lot of thinking anyway. Where do the birds sleep? When can I see the new helicopter movie with Dusty Crophopper? Why can’t I see it now? What if I feed my nemo fishies too much? Will they grow so big and break the tank really? Why does Momma not like sharks, because they seem nice enough in that movie? Why can’t I stay up all night and read? Is Lyla really staying forever? When does the boat for Alaska leave? Will it come here? Is the train on the boat too? And the plane? And the bus?  Why does Momma keep asking me what my name is or Lyla’s name is? Does she really not remember? Will I turn into a watermelon if I eat too much? Will I turn into a prune if I stay in the bathtub forever? Why can’t I use Daddy’s camera? (I already know how…pff). Is eating dirt or leaves really that bad? Does the bobcat really hug the chickens and take them back to his house?

Whew…it is exhausting really. One of the biggest questions I’ve been asking myself lately (since I haven’t been able to take pictures) is about who will take pictures when we (me, Momma, Daddy and the “others”) stop? Will Lyla? Certainly not at this rate. By the time I was her age, I was already taking my own pictures, and had been given two cameras. I guess it is up to me to show her…to teach the next generation.

If you want to beat your head against the wall over and over again…it might be easier than trying to teach Lyla about cameras!! Oh man. I. Have. Tried. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. Since she didn’t seem to get the camera lesson, I decided to show her what some textures were. Start simple. Once again, my actions were misinterpreted as shoving her face in the carpet, the driveway, the couch, dumping water over her head, painting her legs, and pushing her against the wall. I simply wanted her to see the textures up close, to focus. All Momma saw was the last part of all of it.

We have a lot of work to do. See for yourself. The pictures say it all.  


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