RSWL: Girly Images and Textures

Yep, girly images. Let me explain. For those of you who don’t know, some of the people on our team of photographers consider nature pictures, well… girly. It’s kind of an ongoing joke…I think. Hmmm…

When in the field taking pictures, some of us tend toward architectural elements like doors, windows, manhole covers, etc. Others of us gravitate toward mechanical elements, or electrical objects. Still others of us are drawn toward nature, or girly “stuff”. That would be me. I would say the biggest percentage of my own image library for the websites is National Parks, landscapes, skies, rural images, vegetation, or flowers. There is something refreshing and uncomplicated about these images.

Being in nature, or looking at pictures of nature…err, girly pictures, is relaxing. I believe being in nature helps us focus on that moment. When we watch a sunset paint the sky, stop to admire the beauty of an opening flower or patch of wildflowers, or watch waves crashing on a beach, we pay attention to what is happening right then and there. We, even if only briefly, forget about the groceries, the errands, the appointments and whether or not the quilt on our bed needs replacing. We are in the present moment and nowhere else. We enjoy the beauty in front of us.

If you can’t get out in nature today or that easily in general, take a look at some of our girly images and see for yourself how relaxing and inspiring it can be!

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