RSWL: Challenges

Challenges.  Okay, so I don’t mean the kind of life challenges that refine us and define our strength.  That’s another entry.  I mean those fun 30-day challenges (or whatever the length of time).  It could be anything from saying “hi” to a stranger every day, to running every day, to journaling every day, or cooking a new recipe every day.   Some of these can be quirky, some a lifestyle change, some a renewing experience.  Whatever the challenge, it is always rewarding to mix it up, set a goal, test our own integrity and stick-to-it-iveness, and come out of the time with new knowledge, new skills, or a new habit (hopefully a healthy one!).

I came across this fun 30-day photo challenge and want to invite you to join me.  Try it, share it, show it.

30-Day Photo Challenge

    1.  Tricky tricky                                         16. Glow
    2. Flatness                                               17. Smile
    3. Altitude                                                 18. Weather
    4. Green                                                   19. Broken
    5. Wet                                                       20. Patterns
    6. Light                                                      21. Perfection
    7. Landscape                                            22. Earth
    8. Rebirth                                                  23. Pastels
    9. Shadow                                                24. Reflection
    10. The good life                                         25. Panorama
    11. Brown                                                   26. Solitary
    12. Floral                                                    27. New beginnings
    13. Strength                                               28. Au naturale
    14. Help                                                      29. Lost and found
    15. Macro                                                   30. Headlight


Use your imagination; it’s a powerful thing!  Sometimes we just need a little “click” to tap into our creativity or renew our inspiration.  Maybe this challenge is just that…maybe not.  But we won’t know until we try.  Go ahead…I dare you.

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