Nate’s Notes: “I Hee a Twain!”

DSC_0235We went on a field adventure a couple days ago.  It was Momma, Daddy, me and Lyla- yes, she seems to come everywhere with us…still.  <sigh>.   Anyway, it rained that morning so I didn’t think we were going on our adventure, but Daddy says rain won’t stop us!  After lunch we climbed in the car, cameras and all, and were off.   Some songs, a nap and hours later, we arrived to bright sun and wind.  I don’t mind the wind- it tickles my face and blows Momma’s hair all over!  Silly wind.

We started hiking.  I wore Daddy on my front and Lyla wore Momma on her back.  We hiked.  And we hiked some more until we saw big big water!   It went as far as I could see, was really blue and made me smile.  Momma call it the ocean where fishies, whales, and sharks live with lots of other creatures.  “Baaaby shark- do do-do do do do. Baby shark!”  Oh- sorry, not song time.

Anyway, right by the big water, we saw a house all by itself on the edge of rocks!  Why did someone live right there?  Because Momma freaks me out and can tell what I’m thinking before I talk, she started telling me that this was a lighthouse.  After I asked her to get out of my head, she said it was to help boats in the water when they can’t see, so they don’t get lost. Boats have eyes?    A bright light shines and a loud horn sounds so the boats know where the rocks are and don’t get hurt.   Driving here, we actually saw a boat that looked hurt.  It was old and not in water.  It looked broken and sad.  Guess it didn’t hear the horn or see the light.

Just then, the horn sounded!  That wasn’t a horn, it was a train, I swear!   “I hee a twain!  I hee a twain!!  Pretty soon a twain coming!” I yelled into the wind.   Momma and Daddy both smiled and shook their heads at me.  They kept telling me there was no train, that it was from the lighthouse.  Ummm….no.   I’m pretty sure I know what a train sounds like.  Pfff.   Big people think they know everything.   Won’t they be surprised when the train comes!  I didn’t see any tracks, but maybe after we climb down the hill on all those steps there will be tracks.

Point Reyes Lighthouse

Point Reyes Lighthouse

No tracks.  Just many eleventeen steps, cool rocks, the house, the light, lots of wind, lots of water and the train horn.   It was kind of amazing and lovely out on that point.  It had a name- I think Momma called it “rays”.  We stayed for awhile, enough to make me sleepy as we watched the big water, flying birds and boats.  Someday, when I don’t have to carry Daddy around on my front, I’ll go back and walk all those steps to see the lighthouse again.   The train never came, but it was one of my favorite adventures so far!

On the ride home, Momma and Daddy told me that their light will always be on and I’ll always know where they are so I won’t ever get lost.   What. Are. They. Talking. About????  So cryptic sometimes…like they think they are a lighthouse now and I’m a boat???  It’s just exhausting sometimes trying to figure them out.

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