Nate’s Notes: My Favorite Things (yes like the song)

I am almost 2 you know.  Next week it’s my birthday. The other night, before bedtime, Momma and Daddy were asking me what some of my most favorite things are.  I’ve known them both long enough now to recognize that they become reflective around birthdays and milestone dates.   They both like to talk about what has happened since the last time I had a birthday and how much I’ve grown and learned, although Momma goes on and on.  No really, she does.  She makes lists.  Always with the lists.

Here are some of those things… (You may have to sing this to the tune of some song or something- that is what Momma said.)

Nate’s Favorite Things– *with a few extra verses



Race cars and tractors, and things that go choo-choo. Juice drinks and berries, corn, beans, avocado.  Sleeping all snuggled with Momma and Daddy.   These are a few of my favorite things.

Tunnels and fast cars, and cars and lots more cars.  Stories, my puppies, my cat and my chickens.  Talking and reading my books all day long.  These are some more of my favorite things.

Digging in dirt or just jumping in water.  Running in circles or dancing and singing. Riding on Daddy while Momma takes pictures…Yes, even that is a favorite thing!

Field adventures!  Learning new things!  Meeting people there!  Distracting the ones that think Momma is crazy…well, that doesn’t make the list!

Looking for lizards, rocks, lichen or acorns.   Finding the moon or the clouds in the sky. Taking my own pictures, yes Momma lets me!   These are just more of my favorite things!

Road trips, I have to admit they’re amazing.  Music and bath time, flea markets, my lovey. Playing with cars, oh yea, I mentioned that.  Well- that is probly’ my most favorite thing!

Coloring, painting or building with Legos.   Grandparents, cousins, my aunts and my uncles. Family dinners with laughing and joy.   Those are most definite favorite things!

Lyla laughing!  Momma smiling!  Daddy giving hugs!  Now those are the best of my favorite things.  The ones that show me I’m loved!


3 thoughts on “Nate’s Notes: My Favorite Things (yes like the song)

  1. Those are some of my favorite things too Nate! Well, maybe not the cars, but maybe dolls, and laughing, smiling and hugs are the best though!

    Happy Birthday Nate, you will be a terrific three year old and make a lot more memories this coming year.

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