Nate’s Notes: Girls Are Superheroes Too…I Guess

I’m still not totally okay with this…but I am thinking that even GIRLS can be superheroes. Maybe.  I guess in a way Momma is, but not like Daddy.  We all know that Daddy “works” during the day being a superhero.  I see him leave, know he is gone, and then he comes back all dirty and tired.  Obviously it is top secret, but someday I’ll help him.   I bet he saves animals and people, and he fixes stuff and moves big stuff.  Momma doesn’t go away, and I see her work with the camera and at the computer.  So IF SHE is a superhero, I’m not sure when.  I even see her a lot during sleeping times, so she still is home then. 

Sure, she DOES a lot and keeps us safe.  I watch her zoom around the house, always moving, always working on something for the house, or the camera, or the animals, or us.  She DOES seem to know when I’m doing something I am not ‘sposed to do.  And she DOES just show up out of nowhere sometimes.  AND she DOES hear things from crazy far away.  Sometimes it even seems like she knows what I’m going to do before I even do!   She IS the best finder I know.  Hmmm…maybe she is more of just…like a normal hero, NOT a SUPERhero. 

I’m almost a superhero.  Daddy tells me, and doctors tell me that when I am at the hospital.  Once I snapped a bone in half!  MY OWN BONE!!  Raaaaaar!!!  And I didn’t even cry. Errr..not that much anyway.  Momma maybe cried even more than me!!  That’s a strike against her hero status.  And one time, I hit my head and cut it open, and got a *cussing (or something like that). They had to glue my head back together!!  

Running superherosSo that leaves Lyla.  She IS a girl.  And she IS still a baby, if you ask me.   I don’t see her do anything that cool.  Most of the time she crawls around like a cat, and she licks and bites things.  A little strange if you ask me.   BUT, I heard doctors and other big people call her a superhero a bunch of times when she moved into the hospital place far away.  She had tubes and wires and needles going in and coming out of her.  She was super sick. 

I didn’t think she was coming home.  Actually, I didn’t think Momma or Daddy were coming home either.   It felt…empty and lonely…and scary.  But every day I talked to them, and even saw them sometimes, I felt loved, and stronger because of that.   I guess, since she made it back home, she is stronger than she looks.  I’ll have to talk to Daddy about this all…

There was this other time…

*cussing = concussion (No one cussed at Nate. Calm down.)

NATE’S NOTES: In Nate’s Words

Symbols_0057SPOILER ALERT- This is NOT Nate. Nate has been struggling lately with a number of things, and hasn’t felt up to writing. But I wanted to share some of these, because, even when he isn’t writing, this little blogger still amazes and entertains us with his words.   He is such a gift in our lives, teaching us so much about emotions, challenges, courage, facing our fears and paying attention to everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. This little big boy doesn’t miss much.  

Hopefully he’ll be back to writing soon. In the meantime…Hope you enjoy Nate this way as well.  Have a creative weekend! 

Hopefully he’ll be back to writing soon. In the meantime…Hope you enjoy Nate this way as well.

This is by far the creepiest thing to date as a parent:

MOMMA: (Upon being woken by Nate at 1 am, inches from my face.) “AAAAA! Nate!! What are you doing???”
NATE: (In a guttural Hulk-like voice) “I AM NOCTURNAL!!!”
MOMMA: **I’m still shuddering.**


NATE: “Momma, Daddy- the hawder you push on a spwing, the hawder it pushes back. That’s why we need to jump hawd on a mattress… because the spwings in it can launch us high up in the air. Okay???…Okay. Got it? Good.”


NATE: “So…cwayons have wax, pens have ink, and pencils have…pencil stuff. They all have diffewent feces!!”
MOMMA: “Ummm…do you mean FEATURES?”
NATE: “That IS what I said.”
MOMMA: **Blink. Blink.**
NATE: “Awe you having twouble heawing Momma?”
MOMMA: **Uses serious, somewhat angry eyes**
NATE: “Now awe you having twouble talking Momma?”


DADDY: “Some dinosaurs can fly. Some can walk. Some eat meat, some eat plants, some eat both!”
NATE: “Good obsewvation Dad.”


NATE: “Momma, you awe doing it wong.”
MOMMA: “Is there a wrong way Nate? How about I put these cars and dinosaurs how I like, and you put yours how you like?”
NATE: **BIG. BIG. HUGE Sigh.**
NATE: “No.”
NATE: “I love YOU Momma, but I don’t love what you awe DOING!”
MOMMA: (muttering) “Sheesh kid…what a buzzkill.”


LYLA: “Momma, I hungwy.”
LYLA: “Momma.”
LYLA: “Momma. I…I…I…need fwuit snacks.”
MOMMA: “Oh really?! You NEED fruit snacks Lyla?”
LYLA: “Uh-huh.”
NATE: “Lyla, you WANT fwuit snacks. You don’t NEED them. There is a diffewence you know.”


And to end…a little more serious, but no less profound!

NATE: “Where were you bowned Momma?”
MOMMA: “Borned? Where was I born?”
NATE: “Yes, did you not hear me?”
MOMMA: “Okay. Watch it. I was born in Michigan.”
NATE: “Watch what? You were bowned in Michigan? Not heaven?”
MOMMA:  “Awe, sweetie! No, not in heaven.”
NATE:  “Well, you look like you were borned in heaven. I guess thewe awe diffewent places to get bown. Well…I was bown in heaven. It’s beautiful thewe. You’ll see.”