NATE’S NOTES: We Don’t All See the Same Thing…or Colors

Momma always gets excited about colors. I think she sees the world in colors. Always talking about the amazing flower colors, the moss colors, the sky colors, the sunset colors, the leaf colors. She loves colors. She works with colors in her pictures. She works with colors when we paint. Colors and light. Colors and light.

But I don’t see the same colors she sees, or that you see.   This isn’t about a day in color-learning class that I missed…thank you very much. This isn’t about me not paying attention to colors. I try, I really do.

But so many days of my life, when Momma points out the painted sky to us, or the colors on our hikes, she asks us, “Do you see that amazing purple? Do you see that bright green?”   I smile. I say yes sometimes…mostly because she looks so happy. I WANT to see it. But I don’t. I guess I can’t.

I see colors. I just don’t see the same colors, or ALL the colors.   I don’t know why. But a doctor told us I have problems with this.   He called it something…I can’t remember.   I was confused that day when he was testing me. He was asking me about colors and shapes. It all was so hard. MOST of the reason was because I couldn’t see the shapes he was asking.   Turns out I need glasses! More on that later.

Later Momma and Daddy tried to explain it to me. They said my eyes and my brain don’t talk to each other very well sometimes about colors.   They said there are little machines in my eye (super awesome!!!) that see reds, blues and greens. But some of my machines work differently than other people’s machines. I guess that’s okay. I’m learning different is okay, even cool.

So I can’t tell the difference between some colors, and I get some colors mixed up. Lucky for me, I can memorize really super good. So I am just learning what colors are SUPPOSED to be. But I get greens, browns, and reds mixed up mostly. If there is a pile of green leaves, and one brown one in the middle, I can’t see the brown one.

Now it makes sense that when Momma flips her lid with all that happy for tree leaves turning colors, I can’t see…don’t see…the same things. Sometimes, the leaves and trees just look grey to me.  Now Momma and Daddy are more patient with me since we know about my eye machines getting confused.

Momma said the artichoke is a pretty purple.  I DON'T see purple.

Momma said the artichoke is a pretty purple. I DON’T see purple.

Now it makes sense that when big peoples ask me what I see, I don’t say a color first. I see its shape, or even guess what it feels like before the color.   I guess that is why I like the textures Momma shows us so often.

 Next time you look at something, remember, we don’t all see the same thing…or see in the same colors. Maybe be patient.

Nate’s Notes: My Favorite Things: Part 2

I’m 4 now. Last time I did a “Favorite Things” post I wasn’t quite 2! When it was Christmas time a couple few days ago, Momma made us watch this singing movie where the woman sang everything with a bunch of kids. Even when she was telling about her favorite things…she sang it. Sheesh.

A lot has changed since I was 2.   But some things haven’t.

Here are some of those things… (You may have to sing this to the tune of some song from that movie or something- that is what Momma said.)


Nate’s Favorite Things- 2 Years Later- *with a few extra verses (SING ALONG!!! You know you want to.)

Legos and Star Wars, and even the Ninjas. DC, Avengers and don’t forget Minions. Captain America, Hulk and the Flash. These are a few of my favorite things.

Popcorn and snacks just as long as no gluten. Oatmeal and berries, corn, beans, and bananas. Cucumber, vinegar, yes it’s the truth.  These are just more of my favorite things.

(Chorus) Field adventures! Learning new things! Watching people there! Distracting the ones that think Momma is crazy…well, that doesn’t make the list!

Play dough and stories, books, books and then more books. Crayons and markers as long as there’s no mess. Stickers and coloring all the day long. Yes, these are definite favorite things.

Digging in dirt or just jumping in water. On second thought I’ll just watch, clean and dry then. Don’t get me wrong I am sure you have fun. But these are just not my favorite things!!

(Chorus) Doc-ument-ries! Pro-bio-tics! Constellations…yes! As long it isn’t too cold I am for it…I know. I know. Lighten up!!

Looking for lizards, rocks, lichen or acorns.   Pancakes and syrup as long as they don’t touch. Taking my own pictures, yes Momma lets me!   These are just more of my favorite things!

Road trips, I have to admit, they’re amazing. Music and singing, warm blankets and cuddling. Playing with Ninjas, oh yea, I said that. Well- that is prob’ly my most fav’rite thing!

(Chorus) Lyla laughing! Momma smiling! Daddy giving hugs! Now those are the best of my favorite things. The ones that show me…. I’m loved!


What are YOUR favorite things?