Nate’s Notes: My First Plane Ride

Momma says it is important to finish what we start…so I should finish telling about our Alaska Adventure. Maybe I don’t want to? I mean, after all, I am 3, and one of the biggest rules of 3-dom is not wanting to do what people tell you to do. Or maybe it is bigger than that? Maybe if I finish telling you about Alaska, it will be over and I will feel sad? I’m not sure…it is all kind of mixed up inside me.

Here goes…

It was time to say goodbye to Alaska. All week I had watched planes land on water, so I figured we were getting in those small ones. My tummy felt a little jumpy. We got to the huge building and past all the serious people who looked at us, in our bags, checked Lyla’s milk, made Daddy take off his belt and waved a magic wand all over Momma. Strange. Then I saw them…through the big windows…planes. Not just a couple. So many. So many big planes. I was so excited that I yelled, jumped and drooled a little. What?! Like YOU’VE NEVER drooled??

We were going to fly in the clouds in one of those big planes!!! Ooo! Ooo! Oooo!!!! Momma and Daddy didn’t talk much while we waited, and I heard Momma tell some lady that this was the first flight for both me and Lyla. The lady laughed, got big eyes, looked at me jumping up and down and Lyla squealing while hitting herself with her bottle, and said, “Good Luck! Looks like you’ll need it!!”   I did NOT like her tone.

Vancouver and vancouver airport (20)

I was sooooo excited I didn’t think I could wait any longer. Just then, a lady told us we got to go to the plane. We walked/ran down a big hallway, over a bridge you could see through, and onto the plane. Holy bananas and bird poop this was so cool!!!

Once we sat, Momma got out some snacks, her bag of tricks (So cute how she thinks that will work with two toddlers. She has sooooo much to learn…), and took a deep breath. I got to sit by the window, right over the big airplane wing!

Momma sat by me, holding Lyla, and Daddy sat on the outside. It was like a seat fort! On a plane!! I was ready! I couldn’t wait to see out the window as we flew higher and higher and higher into the clouds!!! Neeeeeerm. Zoom. Woosh!!

The plane started. I smiled big. It was happening! I was going to fly!!! I closed my eyes. Felt us moving. And… fell asleep.

I basically missed the whole plane ride. Because I slept.

Yea. True story.

Nate’s Notes: Who Is This Kid Anyway?

I have been writing these notes for as long as I can remember- even before I turned 1. That was pretty tricky at first!! I had to hide these from Momma.  Some people know me, but maybe some of you just started reading and wonder who I am. Well, I’m Nate-  I’m a brother, a son, a nephew, a grandson, a cousin. Sure I’m a loud, moody, toddler boy who loves cars and is afraid of the dark, but that isn’t all that I am. What makes me tick? Where did I come from? What do I like or not like? Well, I’ll tell you…


I get it!

I get it!

Making lists...

Making lists…

Names I’m Nate- “real” name is Nathaniel C.S. Kitchens (C and S are my secret- just because, but mostly because I can’t remember them right now!). My family calls me other names too though. Momma calls me sweetie (*Eye roll*…so embarrassing). Daddy calls me Buddy or Mr. Man (He’s my best friend.) I bet you guys don’t have a super hero for a best friend!! Lyla (a.k.a annoying little sister who isn’t leaving) calls me Net-Net-Net-Net etc. She repeats things a lot.

Age I’m THIS many (number of fingers changes each time I show people). No seriously- I got this.   I’m 3. Not 3 years old. Just 3. Not just any 3.

Origins My story didn’t start that happy or easily. I don’t know all of it, but Momma and Daddy tell me more and more as I get taller. I do know that I was in another Mommy’s belly- She gave me the name Nathaniel. I do know that Momma and Daddy dreamed about me, said prayers about me, and keep saying prayers for that other Mommy.   I was sick for awhile before I met Momma and Daddy. I am safe now. I am safe and I am loved.

What makes me tick?- I love moving; even when I sit, it is hard to be still. Hey, quit with the judgy eyes- I’m 3. I’m a boy. 3 year old boys move all the time. I love stories. Read to me, tell them to me, just give me a story. Now. I love to imagine and pretend. Sometimes I pretend Lyla is gone and it is just me and Momma playing all day. Sugar. Sugar makes me tick. I don’t get enough, so I usually have sugar withdrawal symptoms that make me to move faster and then go limp when you touch me. You should give me more. Sugar and red dye. Give me more. Okay okay. Calm down.  Everybody calm …down.   I DO love my vitamins and probiotics!!  If you are reading this and you too are a misunderstood toddler who gets tired of big people talking, just start talking about probiotics…it freaks them out to hear a 2 and 3 year old talk about that stuff.  Works every time.  I like puzzles and projects, building things and bike rides. I like air. Without enough outside time, I feel/act like an animal. Momma calls me an animal sometimes. Shame on her- she knows what she needs to do. Laughing. Laughing is perfect. Making my big people laugh and laughing with them is the best feeling. Hopefully I make you laugh sometimes. Apparently there are times I shouldn’t laugh, like when Daddy is using a deep, angry voice and telling me to stop something. But he looks so cute like that-he’s just a big softy. Field adventures– I really do like exploring and seeing new things with Momma and Daddy, even Lyla. And we usually get new stories during the adventures.  Attention makes me tick. If I’m not getting enough, repeating, “Hey…hey…hey” in louder and longer ways usually works. My lovey– this amazing blanket (not original thanks to Daddy) doubles as a cape when needed. Enough said.

I don’t like-Many rules. Okay, ANY rules. Unless they are my rules. Cameras. I don’t like those darn tootin’ cameras out all the time. Or maybe it is the embarrassing shenanigans that Momma does with them (kneeling in the middle of a crowded sidewalk, laying on a park bench, laying UNDER a park bench, straddling a hole in ground, making animal sounds at zoo to get straight shot of said animals, etc.)? Either way, I blame the cameras. Sharing– sharing my things or my big people.   It isn’t realistic so stop making me share everything. And you don’t share all your stuff with me!! Life isn’t fair- get over it. But can I have some of your ice cream please? Transitions. Way hard. I don’t like stopping my fun just because you tell me to. As for food, I don’t like broccoli, white cheese, potatoes and most canned vegetables. You could cut the food budget WAY down if you just stop with that nonsense. I also don’t like food or things hot, spicy or cold. I like food just right. And you have to figure out what that “just right” is- I know you can.

BIG life events so far… Ummm…I’m here- I made it even with some hard parts at the beginning!  Meeting Momma and Daddy.  Meeting Lyla (*eye roll). Meeting all my big people- grandmas, papa, nana,  cousins, aunties, and uncles.  Getting the last name “Kitchens”.   Learning that eggs don’t bounce.  Road trips to Oregon, Minnesota and Canada.  Getting Uncle Tim Legos- that needs NO explanation!  Getting my own camera. (Whaaat?!) Breaking my collar bone– snapped it in half while reading “8 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”!  Alaska- BIG Adventure with big animals and car, boat, train, bus (bleh), and plane rides!  Bumping and cutting my head open- bonked my brain good and it still bothers me. Starting preschool next week!

This is pretty much me on paper. I want to write as long as I can, as long as Momma and Daddy let me, so hopefully you will keep reading my notes. Not every kid gets to share things like I do, so I know that is special. I start Preschool next week, so I will have new stories and new people to teach about textures, pictures and laughing.

Thank you for reading. Bye for now!

**(Seriously though- who ISN’T afraid of the dark??? I know a lot of you big people are still. Why do you think we crawl into your bed in the middle of the night? To protect you!)**

Nate’s Notes: Speaking of Bears…

Once I figured out I don’t ACTUALLY have bear feet, I calmed down. I’m telling you big people, this language stuff is tricky.  Speaking of tricky, we had to ride another bus back from that huge-big-wild park place. Another bus. Lyla and I just looked at each other as we got strapped in…once again.  The promise of a zoo visit the next day made it seem less painful.  

Oh, who am I kidding, it was still bad. But, one way to show how much I care about my big people is to share. So I shared the pain of 7-8 hours of being trapped. I whined a little. Threw some good fits. Timed a few diaper changes. Kicked the seat in front of me. Refused to sleep. Ever. Convinced Lyla to do the same…only AFTER I was done. After all that pain, we FINALLY made it to our next place to sleep and I was super excited to see the zoo the next day!  

The next day came. The sun was out, and all my family was so happy! I had breakfast with Papa and Gram Spam, then it was off to the zoo. We saw birds, cats, sheep, wolves, and really clean swimming bears! There were trees and water creeks everywhere so it still felt like a wild place.   Momma says sometimes pictures say it all…so I’ll quit writing and let you see. (I didn’t actually get to take ANY of these pictures…pff.  Maybe next week I’ll show you some of my photos again.  Edit.)

The Alaska Zoo

The Alaska Zoo

Pretty zoo

Pretty zoo

A really clean, swimming bear!

A really clean, swimming bear!

Bald eagles aren't REALLY bald.

Bald eagles aren’t REALLY bald.

Not a goat. A sheep.

Not a goat. A sheep.

Wolf who needs a hug!

Wolf who needs a hug!