SketchUp IMHO: First post…!

Here it is – the first post…

First thing I want to make clear – I am not a trainer or instructor certified by SketchUp.

Second thing is that in my humble opinion (IMHO) it doesn’t matter.  There are many (really good) training options out there where you can learn how to use the program and that is not what this blog is for.

Third thing is that I have logged thousands and thousands of hours using SketchUp for over eight years to design projects for TV and film, theater, corporate events, holiday decor, museum design, commercial design, architecture, and many other areas of design and I absolutely love using SketchUp.  I have literally more than 400 designs in the past eight years and thousands of pages of drawings that have been created in SketchUp and my goal with this blog is to discuss with other SketchUp users different techniques, plug-ins, companion sites, and other resources that make the program even more fun and productive to use.

So let’s get started…

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