I have my textures….Now what?

So you heard that TMGtextures now has free textures… But now that you have them you need a program to apply them to your model.

Boy you are in luck! Allegorithmic just released Substance Designer 3.5. With an awesome price for the hobbyist at $99 for non-commercial use. This is the same high-end software used by today’s hottest indie game developers. Check out some of these features, 3D View, Automatic Tiling

I can’t wait to sit down and give this software a spin!!!


SIGGRAPH 2013!!!


There are a ton of special interest conference’s that happen each year. Most of them are a tight spectrum of what they cover. There is the GDC (Game Developers Conference) that centers around, well… games. There is the VFX Festival in the UK that broadens the scope to include films. But… If you want a convention that has been around since the computer was invented, you need to check out SIGGRAPH! It is a week long event that has something for everyone in the field of computer graphics. They offer courses in the newest techniques and technologies, aceres of booths from your favorite software / hardware vendors, and most important the Reception to stuff your belly and meet your colleagues!

SIGGRAPH 2013 descends on Anaheim California the week of July 21-25. SIGGRAPH is a Special Interest Group for computer Graphics, get it? :)  We are really excited to have this conference in our backyard and meet a few of the artists that use our images on a daily basis. See you on the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center!

Industry News


3D Artist Magazine

Welcome to our new category, Industry NEWS!

Lets dive right in and talk about publications in print. I am a real TECHIE but for some reason when I get a new magazine I flip through from the back to the front. When I come across a article that stands out I will read it in full.

One of the publications that I look forward to reading every month is 3D Artist,  its a UK publication and is Choc-full-O-goodness! I am new to the 3D world, but my love for art runs deep into my childhood. They always have top artists showing off their work in the latest movies or video games. They cover all disciplines of artistry to include Matte Painting.

Matte painting is the art that most of the time you think is real. Film makers use it for a painted representation of a landscape. CG artists can then blend the matte painting into a live shot. Here is a video made a few years ago by the Discovery Channel VIDEO.

I look forward to writing more about our industry. Feel free to leave a comment below or send a email to suggest a topic.

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